Lightfoot Guide to Camino Lingo

Lightfoot Guide to Camino Lingo

Book Title: Lightfoot Guide to Camino Lingo

Author: John Brierley

Format: Paperback | 102 pages

Publication Date: 15 Nov 2012

ISBN-13: 9782917183243

If you only take one Spanish phrase book or dictionary with you on the Camino this is it! Compiled by Sylvia Nilsen, an experienced Camino pilgrim, and her Spanish teacher, Reinette Novoa, the Lightfoot Guide Camino Lingo, English - Spanish Words and Phrases for Pilgrims on el Camino de Santiago contains all the Spanish words you'll need to walk a pilgrimage in Spain. No complicated verb conjugations or rules on diphthongs and grammar. This is a 'cheats' guide to speaking Spanish on the Camino. Over 650 English/Spanish words relating specifically to the Camino pilgrimage with simplified pronunciation - including a few curse words should you need them!