Tai Chi Chuan Martial Applications : Advanced Yang Style

Tai Chi Chuan Martial Applications : Advanced Yang Style

Book Title: Tai Chi Chuan Martial Applications : Advanced Yang Style

Author: Dr. Yang Jwing-ming

Format: Paperback | 400 pages

Publication Date: 01 Oct 2016

ISBN-13: 9781594392993

FINALIST - Sports, 2016 Best Books Award This 3rd edition includes a new and easy-to-follow layout. Each technique is presented in four to six large photographs with detailed instructions on how to perform the movements. Motion arrows are used on the photographs to help you execute the movements correctly. DISCOVER THE MARTIAL ESSENCE OF TAICHI CHUAN Here's your chance to take the next step in your tai chi journey Martial applications found within tai chi chuan are a direct link to your tai chi as a form of self-defense. When you study the martial side of tai chi, you can become proficient in a variety of high-level skills, including sensing, neutralizing, yielding, striking, chin na, and even throwing. If you know a tai chi form, you are going to discover the essence of your movements by becoming aware of their martial applications. If you are practicing tai chi pushing hands, you will greatly improve your skills with this understanding of martial applications. If you are ready, you are going to love the amazing tai chi fighting set. This fully choreographed set (requires a partner) will combine all your tai chi skills into one 5-minute routine.
This book includes *Martial applications for the Yang-style long form*Martial applications for Yang-style tai chi pushing hands*The complete Yang-style tai chi fighting set For any style of tai chi chuan, this book will be important for practitioners who wish to develop a deeper understanding and advanced skills. *Learn how to analyze the forms and defense applications in your tai chi, gaining higher-level knowledge of your style.*Discover the martial applications of Yang-style. These insights will give you greater understanding of your own art.*Find inspiration. Dr. Yang's writing will inspire you to investigate the martial applications of your tai chi style.